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Annual Recertification - Spencer Brown Thomas Homes

  • You MUST attend your scheduled appointment
  • You MUST have all paperwork completed prior to your appointment
  • You MUST bring all required documents (when applicable) to your appointment
    • Voluntary Support form (must be notarized)
    • Childcare form (for childcare expense)
    • 12-month child support print out
    • Student status information
    • Social Security award letter
    • SSI award letter
    • 12-month print out of paid medical expenses 
    • SNAP verification (provide print out from DSS or provide your card)
    • Bank form ( verification of accounts)
    • VA award letter
    • Pell Grant information
    • If requesting to add someone to your lease, you must provide a certified copy of their birth certificate, social security card, valid picture ID (if 18 years or older) and proof of guardianship (if applicable)

         * BHA will obtain verification of employment