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About Us

The Burlington Housing Authority, North Carolina – is an organization dedicated to providing affordable housing for families, elderly, disabled and handicapped individuals.    

We own, manage and administer federally funded housing and social programs for low, very low and moderate-income families that total 468 apartments located within seven communities (five family and two designated elderly) throughout the city of Burlington. We are also the Management Agent for the Spencer Brown Thomas Homes, a 40-unit complex for elderly and handicapped persons that is owned by the First Baptist Apple Street Housing Foundation. 

Burlington Development Corporation (BDC), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit was formed under the umbrella of Burlington Housing Authority in 1982. BDC’s goals and objectives are to engage in or assist in development, financing, or operation of low-income housing and provide supportive services necessary for its residents to become academically successful and economically self-sufficient. 

We strive to change the housing culture, values and behavior through positive incentives for resident self-sufficiency, providing programs and services that empower residents and collaboration and partnerships throughout the community to meet that end.

We continually seek donors, grantors, and volunteers with like minded passions to sustain our program efforts. To make a tax deductible donation toward our youth and adult programs please Contact: Veronica Revels at (336) 226-8421 ext. 203